Forged in the woods of a tropical land, Alejandro was raised by monkeys and educated by killer whales.

At the age of 600, he started practicing the mystic art of geetaring, a hidden tradition that haunted his mind and soul to a point of no return.

After having realized that geetaring was extremely important, he decided to perfect and study the arts that surrounded this craft and that’s when he learnt about the whole movement of sound mastering and creation of waves.

then, by the age of 982, he started meeting all forms of other extra intelligent life, not as intelligent as he himself, but also able to hold a thought for over a minute. This was a signal!

Some time after, he roamed around the world sharing his sound creating abilities with other inferior creatures like regular humans and street dogs (both species fall in the same category) making their lives more amusing and transmitting new sensations.

After several successful years, Alejandro decided to transport his mind and soul to a different hemisphere in which all monkeys were strange and decided to conquer their land, he started on a new journey!

Then he joined facebook and hasn’t done anything ever since.