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Over time it becomes more and more tumultuous, to the point that goals are lost in a sea of smaller tasks that seem, somehow, daunting and senseless.

This is why, now, I have decided to start all over again; to start from scratch and build on something new. I am still me, my music is still out there and I will continue to be proud of it forever, but over the last year or so I’ve found a lot of passion doing other things, playing other styles, and writing different kinds of music, composing random pieces and for once adding words to what I have to say.

Now that The Rogue Collective’s Pop is Dead has been released, I will concentrate solely on my own music, my own lyrics, and some other cool fun little projects that I’ve been adhering to. I’ll be playing live music consistently again and might even have the prospect of starting a new live band to play all my original music as well as new songs written by the group itself.

All in all, not the worst time to be around. Expect more updates coming to this website, definitely another facelift (this looks is temporary!)

Until then, Stay safe!