New Goodies Added To The Store

Store gear

So, here’s the deal, I’m ultra happy with everything that’s happening with my musical life these days and it’s only going to continue this way and improving every second. Now I jumped in the store bandwagon and created some cool props that you can own by clicking here and making your selection! Initially the only design available is the Chaos Theory Tree logo.

The original Tree logo was designed by one of my best friends and ultra-talented designer, Nicolás Pérez. Check his portfolio up, he’s awesome!

Store by Spreadshirt

All the merchandise found on this site is manufactured and handled by an awesome company called Spreadshirt, and they will take good care of you, your orders and your money (by passing it to me 😉 )

So, head over to the Shop tab on the menu, or click here to get yourself that Coffee Mug you’ve always wanted!