Weathering Storms

Weathering Storms

Artwork Photo by Biswarup Ganguly


Big news everyone! Weathering Storms is a thing, and one that I am really proud of!. A four song EP that you can buy for only $3 CAD (or more!) and will contain an intro, one new track and two remastered versions of already released material, including Chaos Theory, which you all loved so much!

This time around I have partnered with a few people to be able to bring this work to a bigger audience and I’m even contemplating the idea of forming a band to perform these songs live and go out on tour.

The EP starts with Dreamland, a short song that describes the calm before the storm with a very simple melody leading to a thunderous attack once Weathering Storms begins, with an ominous intro that is both strong and dramatic, leading to a fast paced section that is repeated several times across the whole song; the verses have that trademark melodic style that I have been known for during all these years while exploring different possibilities in both technique and harmony. Weathering Storms also features a very special guest playing a classy and distinctive guitar solo just before the last section of the song: Carlos Escobar, from Stained Glory.

The next track in line, is the 2011 release I Scream, which opens with a fun hook that leads into a melodic line that defines the theme of the song, accompanied by mostly rhythm and ambience rather than frantic playing, this song is hardly a soft one, but it is definitely the breather between two guitar-solo driven tracks.

Lastly, a fan-favourite, Chaos Theory appears in scene, with a very subtle remaster but with all the character that made it highly appraised by all audiences in general.

All in all, Weathering Storms is another one of my ideas to release material and it’s paving the way into the Full Length territory that I will be embracing soon!

Until then, Cheers!