Private guitar lessons in person are currently offered as weekly visits in the Niagara region only; however, webcam meetings (Skype, Google Hangouts) are also available for those away and can be arranged to any students needs around the Eastern Standard Timezone (EST -5). To find out your time zone go to www.timeanddate.com.

How much?

To discuss cost and availability message me, either using the contact form or emailing me at lessons@alejandro-pino.com. I offer a free consulting lesson before starting any programs in order to assess your needs and develop a program that will build on current bases, correct bad habits and help create new strong and healthier ones. I will focus on technique development, music theory, rhythm studies and improvisation, I will taylor my lessons based on what you need and, most importantly, what you want; the main objective is to keep classes interesting and engaging, increasing your desire to practice leading to important improvements in both techniques and music theory knowledge.

Are my lessons for you?

Guitar can be a difficult instrument to master, and a lot of discipline is required; that said, I like to keep my lessons entertaining and focus on things that can be related to practical use thus making improvement constant and apparent. I will help you develop a practice routine based around your schedule to ensure any progress is preserved and excelled during the week.

Make sure to check the video section for examples of improvisation, composition and overall technique.

*I will soon be adding free short-form instructive videos, reviews and other interesting guitar-related content. Stay tuned!