King and Academy released K&Aadian Bacon

King and Academy’s K&Aadian Bacon is out… And it rules!

King adn Academy - K&Aadian Bacon

King and Academy

During a few days in November, I got together with the guys from King and Academy to record a six-song EP and to party, which is in fact exactly what we did.

Recorded over the course of two days and several beverages, wrap breakfasts and burgers, we captured the essence of what the band is in a very organic way, no fancy studios, no expensive microphones, just a live environment and a bunch of guys playing great music together.

The EP contains all the sounds KnA are known for, including the raw, full energy ‘The 77s’  for which I used an ultra-hot mix, making it definitely the loudest song on the record, but also more relaxed tunes like ‘Me and Him’ and ‘Just Rock N’ Roll’ (hysterically, a Reggae song). There’s also the 50’s pop anthem, straight out of Grease: ‘Disaster’ and two instant KnA classics: ‘Living Spree’ and ‘Highly Stylized’.

The track listing goes as follows:

1- Living Spree
2- Me and Him
3- Disaster
4- Just Rock N’ Roll
5- Highly Stylized
6- The 77s

Here you can listen to Living Spree, the first single from the EP. Further details with links to purchase the EP will come soon! Stay tuned!

And here’s a live clip from the EP Release party:


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