Influence, Mind Control, Manipulating Reality…


Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to work on several different projects, some of them still ongoing, and every single minute passed makes me realize more and more the influence that the things I do have on other people’s lives.

On my most recent endeavour, I took on the job as the music supervisor of an upcoming web series called Illusive Days, and during all the meetings and countless hours of field work, I was also recruited as the composer for the title and credits sequences, plus most of the incidental music and the editing of their overall soundtrack. Big gig, if you ask me, and it has been a great challenge.

Illusive Days is a series that intends to show how four friends who do magic, but then combine it with psychology and, indeed, reality manipulation, focusing on all the things that you, as a spectator, are looking at, but not paying attention to. This creates a very unique and interesting feeling. When someone talks to you, do you really know who you’re talking to at all?

Writing music becomes a massive responsibility when I also play a part. I will have to create something that will drown you into the experience without ever taking over it, without being in the forefront, and then this got me thinking a lot more about the role of music in other art fields; I mean, we would think that a sad picture would be sad no matter what, but pair that with an extremely funny song, and your brain loses grip of the actual context and usually takes the audible guide that then triggers the laughter reaction, even though consciously you know that what you’re watching is sad, or terrifying.


Anyway, whenever you can, take a second to realize how important music is in your life, not only when you’re actively listening to it, but also in those situations in which context has been shaped to make you feel one way or the other. There’s an amazing amount of power in it, and it shouldn’t be overlooked… Overheard? I don’t know… I don’t English…


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