TLTP – Melodic Series #1

Wait, what? Yes, this short song is called TLTP, and it’s part of a series of melodic improvisations that I will be releasing over the next few weeks, different styles, harmonies, guitars… and perhaps other guests, who knows?

Boo! Melodic Series are spooky!

Special guest!

I am constantly studying and exploring chords, scales, patterns, this, that, etc… and finally decided that I want to record little snippets using all that stuff, and hopefully show it to all of you, so, every week I will put together short backing tracks that I will use to improvise some licks and phrases exploring possibilities, and finding new ways for what is going to eventually be my debut release (more on that soon, I promise!).

I will make the backing tracks available eventually and you’ll be able to do your own thing over them, using some scale maps and patterns that might work for you.

So, without further ado, here’s TLTP – Melodic Series #1

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Short video coming soon

I’m working on getting another video soon, which would be the first one since… gosh, who knows, an eternity?

But just so you’re not wondering about what it is all about, here’s an IG clip from the writing sessions… (I can almost certainly guarantee you that what you heard didn’t make it in the final cut… but hey, who knows?)

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Shameless Shirtlessness (NSFW?)

Not much of a situation here, just made a video of myself practicing Chaos Theory in its Power Trio version for an upcoming show, but because I do whatever I want, I decided to play guitar without wearing a shirt (I know right?, shocking!!)

In any case, this is very close to what people will be able to hear during my band’s debut show on Halloween at the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls, ON.

Still lots of blunders and shitty camera sound quality, but clearly production value wasn’t my focus here.

Hope you still like me.



Chaos Theory Released!

Chaos Theory Artwork

Well, here it is!

Chaos Theory is the song that I spent the last few weeks writing and recording, and I’m extremely proud of it!

The song will be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google PLAY* and all other digital music stores, as well as all major streaming services, such as Spotify (worldwide), Rdio, etc.

However, if you want to buy the song directly from me, I’d recommend using the Bandcamp buy link to get the song for any donation you’d like to make!


Chaos Theory was all recorded and produced by me at my home studio in St. Catharines, ON. During the month of February 2014 and it’s my first release in over six years. This time around there will be more, as I am currently building up to a full length album to be announced soon!

Do you want me to record your next single or album? Contact me and we can discuss rates and availability!

Google PLAY will be added in the coming weeks




Toontrack Metal Guitar God 2013 Entry

For this track I used most of my usual gear; didn’t spend too much time writing the solo as I’ve had a ton of other things to do, but I felt it was a decent effort.

You can vote for me here:!/entry/624889

Sharing it and telling your friends would be the most amazing thing you could do for me if you wanted to!


It’s all about having fun!