Chaos Theory Now Available From Any Store

Get Chaos Theory in your favourite store or streaming service.

Get Chaos Theory in your favourite store or streaming service.

Great news everyone! you can get Chaos Theory in most online music stores and streaming services starting right now!

After a long wait, the decision was made and I submitted my last release to all major stores, including iTunes, Amazon, Google PLAY and streaming services, such as Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, Beats Music and so on.

This marks an important milestone, alongside the opening of the online shop, where you can get cool merchandise like beer mugs or hoodies with the Chaos Theory Tree Logo!


Shameless Shirtlessness (NSFW?)

Not much of a situation here, just made a video of myself practicing Chaos Theory in its Power Trio version for an upcoming show, but because I do whatever I want, I decided to play guitar without wearing a shirt (I know right?, shocking!!)

In any case, this is very close to what people will be able to hear during my band’s debut show on Halloween at the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls, ON.

Still lots of blunders and shitty camera sound quality, but clearly production value wasn’t my focus here.

Hope you still like me.



The Quantum Zeno effect… Wait, what?

Yeah, that’s correct, a post about quantum mechanics and one of its many possibilities: The Quantum Zeno effect, is the phenomenon of a particle frozen in its known state.

Furthermore, it is a progressive experimental metal power trio formed by three talented musicians (more details to be disclosed soon! PROMISE!!) who couldn’t really give a damn about people’s taste in music. Anything can be expected out of this… ANYTHING!

Said trio will be performing a unique show during the night of Halloween, at the Hard Rock Cafe, in Niagara Falls, ON.

More details to follow!


New projects, long silence, the director and several other demons…

So, I’ve been absent for the last five months and have no real excuse to make up for it, so instead I’m going to tell you what I’ve been up to and what you can expect from me and this site in the coming days.

First, I’ve been rather busy writing music you will soon hear in you favourite tv ads and cheesy cable shows, because life is fun like that; second, and far more exciting, I’ve been working with several individuals to get some projects going, one of them that’s getting a lot of my attention lately, codename: The Director, is a fantastic experiment that will soon see the light of day. This project involves A LOT of talent, and I’m extremely honoured to have been invited to be a part of it.

Furthermore, I’ve been constantly working on a full length album, jokingly named Chinese Democracy 2 for obvious reasons, that will hopefully be released sooner than anyone expects it! So stay tuned for more news on that.

And last, youtube videos… those will come back. Gear reviews, wishlists, musical rants, me playing random stuff (because that’s always fun), and even some tips and tricks. I will stay away from straight out guitar lessons, because, seriously, the net is already plagued with those and I have no interest in becoming another guy.


So there’s that… Please stay tuned, things are just about to get interesting!



Chaos Theory Released!

Chaos Theory Artwork

Well, here it is!

Chaos Theory is the song that I spent the last few weeks writing and recording, and I’m extremely proud of it!

The song will be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google PLAY* and all other digital music stores, as well as all major streaming services, such as Spotify (worldwide), Rdio, etc.

However, if you want to buy the song directly from me, I’d recommend using the Bandcamp buy link to get the song for any donation you’d like to make!


Chaos Theory was all recorded and produced by me at my home studio in St. Catharines, ON. During the month of February 2014 and it’s my first release in over six years. This time around there will be more, as I am currently building up to a full length album to be announced soon!

Do you want me to record your next single or album? Contact me and we can discuss rates and availability!

Google PLAY will be added in the coming weeks