Where Did The Scene Go?

Music Scene 2009

Grenader live in 2009

It is often that I hear people talk about the music scene, and how it has vanished from our city - whichever city you happen to be in - or how it "doesn't support" local acts. Where did the scene go? Truth is, most musicians and bands have taken care of slowly helping it disappear.
The music scene of any city depends on the interaction between musicians and fans, and the understanding that musicians ARE ALSO fans. Or at least they should be!

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King and Academy released K&Aadian Bacon

King and Academy’s K&Aadian Bacon is out… And it rules!

King adn Academy - K&Aadian Bacon

King and Academy

During a few days in November, I got together with the guys from King and Academy to record a six-song EP and to party, which is in fact exactly what we did.

Recorded over the course of two days and several beverages, wrap breakfasts and burgers, we captured the essence of what the band is in a very organic way, no fancy studios, no expensive microphones, just a live environment and a bunch of guys playing great music together.

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Streaming is the *new* law!

Streaming is the future present of music distribution, no matter who likes it and who doesn’t, that is a fact. And as such, there has been plenty of outcries both in favour and against it, the latest one being country music superstar Taylor Swift, who recently pulled her music out of Spotify claiming that low per-stream payouts were damaging and inconsiderate with the art she spent time crafting.

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Taylor Swift pulls out of Spotify… So What?

If you’ve been keeping up with the entertainment news you should know by now that Taylor Swift pulled all her music from Spotify; all but her newest single, that is.

Original photo: Dwight McCan - http://www.dwightmccann.com/

Original photo: Dwight McCan – http://www.dwightmccann.com/

This might seem like a big deal and a massive blow against the streaming giants, but what does that mean? Is Spotify really that bad of a deal that the only platinum artist of 2014 decided to prevent her listeners to access her music via the service? The short answer would be: No, but also yes…

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Proudly endorsed by Tension Accessories

Tension has officially become the first company to endorse me and my music, and I am extremely thankful to all the people that have made this possible.

I am proud to know that TENSION has decided to trust me and my talent, and it is very exciting to have a Colombian brand supporting me in all these new adventures ahead.

This is the beginning of something wonderful, and I’m very, very happy to have them by my side.

Tension Picks

Tree branded Tension custom picks

Tension Jazz Picks

The guitar picks are formed in that beautiful teardrop shape, allowing me amazing mobility and extreme versatility. Durable materials and, of course, that lovely Tree logo that makes things very special indeed. I will be writing a few reviews in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more!

Needless to say, I fully recommend everyone shopping for guitar picks in Colombia to check them out and get the word out. These guys are the best!!


TLTP – Melodic Series #1

Wait, what? Yes, this short song is called TLTP, and it’s part of a series of melodic improvisations that I will be releasing over the next few weeks, different styles, harmonies, guitars… and perhaps other guests, who knows?

Boo! Melodic Series are spooky!

Special guest!

I am constantly studying and exploring chords, scales, patterns, this, that, etc… and finally decided that I want to record little snippets using all that stuff, and hopefully show it to all of you, so, every week I will put together short backing tracks that I will use to improvise some licks and phrases exploring possibilities, and finding new ways for what is going to eventually be my debut release (more on that soon, I promise!).

I will make the backing tracks available eventually and you’ll be able to do your own thing over them, using some scale maps and patterns that might work for you.

So, without further ado, here’s TLTP – Melodic Series #1

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New Goodies Added To The Store

Store gear

So, here’s the deal, I’m ultra happy with everything that’s happening with my musical life these days and it’s only going to continue this way and improving every second. Now I jumped in the store bandwagon and created some cool props that you can own by clicking here and making your selection! Initially the only design available is the Chaos Theory Tree logo.

The original Tree logo was designed by one of my best friends and ultra-talented designer, Nicolás Pérez. Check his portfolio up, he’s awesome!

Store by Spreadshirt

All the merchandise found on this site is manufactured and handled by an awesome company called Spreadshirt, and they will take good care of you, your orders and your money (by passing it to me 😉 )

So, head over to the Shop tab on the menu, or click here to get yourself that Coffee Mug you’ve always wanted!