Alejandro Del Pino is an amazing guitarist and a versatile musician living in the Niagara Region in Canada. Educated in Pure Music, Production and Audio Engineering, his broad range of skills can place him virtually in any musical scenario: Performing live, as a session player, live sound, music producer or a recording engineer.

After having released his first EP as a solo artist, Weathering Storms, featuring the song Chaos Theory, Alejandro is currently working on his debut album and has been keeping busy writing music for media and commercial uses. During this time he has also been working in the formation of a few musical adventures, including, progressive metal power trio, “The Quantum Zeno effect”.

In the past, Alejandro played guitar for the heavy metal supergroup “Grenader” which gained him special recognition as one of Niagara’s most talented guitarists and saw him playing many venues in different cities in the country.

A long time traveler, in perpetual romance with all music and always seeking for improvement, anyone can count on him being prepared for any situation that may arise in the score, be it with an ultra-technical lick, a melodic and tasteful solo, chord melodies or simple rhythm patterns, but mostly jokes, laughter and always a good time; you can follow his errands on Twitter (@AlejandroPino), Instagram (@alegratis), Facebook and YouTube.

Alejandro Del Pino

Photo by Ami Holmes. 2014